Teaching Practice

Andaman Surgery is a teaching practice. This means that occasionally we will have a trainee GP attached to the surgery. A trainee GP is a fully qualified doctor who has chosen to specialise in general practice.

Sometimes trainee GPs will ‘shadow’ the doctors here at the surgery. This means that the trainee GP will sit and observe the doctor’s appointments. You will always be informed and asked for consent before such an appointment. If you do not wish the trainee to observe then please say so. We will not be offended.

The trainee GP will be able to hold consultations with patients on his/her own. Occasionally the trainee GP will have to video record consultations for training, so that they can watch the way in which they work, and reflect on their style. If you are asked to have your appointment video taped again we will not be offended if you decline, it is your choice. The video tapes are only watched by doctors involved in training and are always erased once the study is completed.