CCTV Policy

We use CCTV for security of the grounds.

  • Images are held to improve the personal security of patients, staff and for the prevention and detection of crime.
  • These may be provided to the police or other bodies.
  • Images will not be retained longer than is considered necessary and will then be deleted.
  • Images may record individuals and/or incidents. Not all recordings are designed to identify persons.
  • When access is granted in response to an application, the image may be edited to exclude images of third parties who may also be included within the requested image. This may be necessary to protect the identity of the third parties. In these circumstances, the image released as part of the application may record or identify the ‘data subject’ only.
  • Images will be located by the data controller or an authorised individual.

When assessing the content of the image released the decision will be made by the data controllers having due regard to the requirements of the data protection act and code of conduct.